Tier 2, 5 employee guide

You came across a company in one of the job boards, and curious to know that whether the company provides a tier 2/5 sponsorship. Ok, you search the company name in our database and find that the company is sponsoring.
Hurray, that is good news.

Is that enough?

Then you set out to ask the recruiter whether they sponsor the candidate. Sadly enough the response is cold and they say, "oh sorry we cannot offer sponsorship". Err, but I did see your list in the sponsorship database. “Sorry, we only consider people from the EU or the UK”

What does this mean to you?

  • The recruiter is not interested in your profile. You are their last choice, because in your job function, they can get plenty of candidates who already have the right visa/ resident status. Why go through all the head-ache?
  • What was this whole business about finding the name in sponsorship database? This means, the employer has previously sponsored an employee and they might not have applied for yearly licence (which they are entitled to do). But the overall sponsorship licence is still valid. Or they are large companies who wants to bring in their workers from offshore locations and not you.
So what is the best way to secure a job?
Don’t feel disheartened and always look out for new jobs and someday, you will get it.
Persistence is the key.

Recruitment in the UK and Tier 2 sponsorship

Most of the recruiters call you and get all your details and finally when they hear you need a sponsorship, will simply say “Sorry, we don’t have any clients who can sponsor at this moment and will get back to you”.
Are they ever going to come back? No, I don’t think so. This is one of their template responses.
So how to avoid them wasting your time?
Tell beforehand, you need a sponsorship visa. So that they won’t waste your time. But keep in mind, there are some good recruiters who does come back to you. So it’s your duty to find the good one.

Is this some fault with the recruiter?

I believe it has something to do with the margins they get from recruiting a person who require a sponsorship. I might be wrong here.
There is another strong reason that most UK companies don’t understand what this entire sponsorship business is all about. Let us say they need a candidate in one month? Will you as a company prefer the local talent or go through the head-ache of sponsoring someone which might take more time than expected (contacting the UKBA back-and-forth)?

I am a student under Tier 4 sponsorship and how can I get a job in tier 2 sponsorship visa?

First and foremost, don’t waste your time until the last minute. Start searching from day one of your studies. Try to achieve an internship/ or a part-time job in the area you want to get job for. Build up the profile, who knows; the company you are working for will end up hiring you.

Will graduate programmes provide sponsorship?

Most of the graduate programs in the UK will not provide the sponsorship. But some companies do and they will set out deadlines for candidates who require sponsorship. So keep looking for these.

Small companies and sponsorship?

Small companies which operate in small towns, villages in the UK are always at a disadvantage in finding real talent. How so? Imagine you being here with the family and a job gets advertised somewhere remote from your place, which doesn’t even have half the living quality you expect. Will you take the job? Mostly, no. This is one thing you should be capitalising on. If you are in search of a job, look for smaller companies. You might have a higher chance rather than looking for big ones.

Is London a suitable place for getting sponsorship jobs?

The problem with London, is the abundance of talent.
So even though you look at the rising number of companies who take up the sponsorship; you should be aware that they can get talented people who doesn’t require a sponsorship much faster.

The views, expressed here are just tid-bits of what I have come across during my stay in the UK. If you find any discrepancies or have a different insight, please provide me the feedback.
In the near future, I am planning to extend this to include a guide for Tier 2 sponsorship for SME.
Thank you.